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The Team

Built by Adventurers for Adventurers. We love to adventure, we love to play in trees. Nature, and the possibility of having fun in it, is what formed our company. We are passionate about creating the best outdoor adventure constructs in the USA

Mike Fischesser - the dream machine

Mike is the founder and principal designer for Beanstalk Builders. He is a former Program Director for North Carolina Outward Bound School, and former Director of the National Training Institute and National Coordinator for Programs and Safety for Outward Bound USA. From 1989-99, he was founder and owner of Alpine Towers Inc., one of the most accomplished challenge course companies in the world. Renowned for his outdoor leadership skills, Mike is founder and executive director of The American Adventure Service Corps (TAASC). Outward Bound USA awarded Mike the 2015 Kurt Hahn Award, which recognizes outstanding service and leadership


As it relates to safety, Mike was the brainchild and founder of what is now known as the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)

Isaac Hoff - the nuts and bolts

Isaac is the numbers and architect of efficiency behind Beanstalk Builders. A builder for Alpine towers, one of the most accomplished challenge course companies in the world since 2001. With a focus on engineering, economies of scale, and safety inspections, he has led efforts on over 20 substantial build projects in the USA. The more challenging the design, the more fun! 

Alex Garcia - the sizzle 

The sizzle to the steak that is!  Alex specializes in marketing and bringing ideas to life by enabling clients of Beanstalk Builders to attract and retain guests for profitability. Renowned for his filmmaking capabilities, he was recently branded by Gopro Inc., a premier adventure video company,  as a licensed videographer and is featured on nationally branded channels.

Charleen Stokes - the juice

Charleen has successfully trained over 150 course operators over the past 3 years. Most notably has developed training protocols for managers to replicate training efforts as turnover occurs. Elements include gear familiarity, storage imperfection, how to equip a guest, rescue, evacuation procedures, self lowers, emergency response, elements of service, and communication protocols

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