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 Kiwanisaurus Treehouse Adventure

Greensboro Science Center

A nature play experience with a dinomite twist!

The Kiwanisaurus Treehouse Adventure is made up of 4 treehouses and 4 crow’s nests, interconnected by a series of bridges, net climbing structures, hoops, logs, and steps. Guests are encouraged to explore the ecosystem around them and discover local wildlife as they climb. The largest treehouses and a deck are ADA accessible.

Life-size dinosaur replicas located on the hillside beneath the walkways invite guests to come eye to eye with some of the biggest stars of the prehistoric past, including Triceratops, T. rex, Spinosaurus and Apatosaurus.

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Treehouse adventure
Greensboro Science Center Playground
Kiwanisaurus Treehouse Adventure
Treehouse playground
Greensboro Science Center Treehouse Playground
Nature Play Playground
Nature Play
Unique playground
Sky bridge
Kiwanisaurus Treehouse Adventure
Netted traverse
Netted bridge
Kids netted bridge
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