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Beanstalk Playground Listing

EMS Family Playground

Location: Cherokee, North Carolina

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Everyone's Playground

Location: Morganton, North Carolina

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A healthy living curriculum workbook and training is available! School groups in particular really benefit from the experiential lessons that focus on healthy choices, diet and food groups, fitness, and connections to all traditional academic subjects, while actually on the playground!

My students and teachers became extremely excited and invested in the project. They viewed it as a unique opportunity to blend academic opportunities with teamwork and physical activity. As the installation progressed, the anticipation grew around the many possibilities the project would afford our children. By the time the installation was complete, my teachers had a plan to integrate activities into their classroom which incorporated the Beanstalk Adventure Playground with classroom objectives which generated a new form of excitement around classroom projects.”

Wayne Miller, Superintendent, Lenoir City Schools

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Beanstalk Builders

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