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At Beanstalk Builders we strive to give people outdoor adventures with positive experiences, to foster an appreciation for the environment, to provide on-going injections of self-esteem, development of physical and mental fitness, and revitalization of the human spirit. In other words – to make the world a better place through outdoor adventures.
It is a very simple formula: When people feel good about themselves, they relate to others and the environment in a more positive way, thereby creating a powerful multiplier effect for spreading goodness.
Sound corny? Just watch the glow radiating from people who accomplish something unusual or challenging like conquering a climbing tower.

At Beanstalk Builders we try to achieve personal growth opportunities in all our designs. Of course, crossing a wilderness footbridge provides a different experience than climbing to the top of a Beanstalk Climbing Tower. But with a custom-designed, picturesque, and intriguing footbridge, people feel a difference on the other side of that simple trek. In other words, no matter the project, every Beanstalk build is designed to create a new outlook for each participant, while bringing success to our clients.

Making the world better through adventure.

"Mike Fischesser"
Founder, Beanstalk Builders LLC



Our journey into adventure began in 1971 with Mike Fischesser, founder of Beanstalk Builders. His career began with Outward Bound, laying a strong foundation for safety and programming. Then in 1975, Mike designed and builds the first totally high ropes course in the United States at the Greencove Basecamp of the N.C. Outward Bound School. 

In 1989, Mike created Alpine Towers, which developed into one of the most successful and respected challenge course companies in the world. Then in 1993, Mike pioneered what is now known as the ACCT. The Association for Challenge Course Technology has become the benchmark for standards in the industry. 

In 2005, Beanstalk Builders was formed as a unique adventure building company that pivots on creativity, and imagination, both in its builds and what is enlivened in all who play in our builds with an ultimate goal of making the world better through adventure. 


Outside of our unique heritage and roots. We truly believe that our designs inspire greatness. Not just at the facility we build at, but the people that engage in our designs. We don't just build to build. We build to inspire, we build to encourage greatness, we build to make a difference. 


Design that inspires the imagination. At Beanstalk Builders we like to keep things as immersive and natural as possible. Using wood throughout our builds, and capturing the ambiance of nature that surrounds


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Beanstalk Builders. We continue to expand professionalism and raise the standards in which our industry operates. Focusing strongly on every aspect of safety, we keep in mind both the owners’ goals and the participants’ experiences during construction. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship, detail, and quality design principles. Further, Beanstalk Builders’ founder, Mike Fischesser, helped create the ACCT, the current industry standard in the US and remains a pioneer in the industry. He remains active in every project, yet keeps his “ear to the ground” through his passion for outdoor education, learning from the kids (what they like, what works for them in adventuring), while enriching their life experiences, too.


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.

- John Muir


As a team, we are all adventurists and nature lovers. Nature and the possibility of having fun in it, is what formed our company. In terms of our best practices, we use electronic communication vs. paper whenever possible. When we have to use paper, it is recycled. As a team, all of our members are smoke free. While we don't hire in that fashion it just happened that way.

Our conservation methods begin with design, ensuring that all material is used to maximum efficiency. This helps the environment as well as our client, as it leads to more favorable pricing.

On the job, every detail is accounted for. Our generators are  run on an eco setting to reduce noise and carbon footprint. We also have a specific trash protocol to ensure debris doesn't wander in the air. Truly the most effective waste management requires a "crew buy-in." Outside of being a team that is one with nature, we also incorporate environmental practice into our performance matrix to ensure everyone is accountable.


We want people to have fun and challenge themselves. Our designs, techniques and standards really set us apart. All Beanstalk Builder designs are custom-made to suit your terrain, your needs, and your budget. They are a fine addition to an existing outdoor adventure area, or can stand alone as the primary activity. Thank you for the opportunity. 

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