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Kanga Klimb

Cincinnati Zoo - Roo Valley 

An Aerial Adventure Course with ADA Accessibility 

A hyper unique adventure course featuring over 58 elements, with multi-tier accessibility and a range of challenges that enables participation for a very broad skill and age range. Elements of the course enable ADA Accessibility as well as a spectator feature that enables high visibility and photography options for guests and the facility. 

Surf from 40 ft in the air, Tyolean traverse like a lemur, Quick flight from 50ft in the air. Super safe smart lock system. Challenge by Choice enabling maximal course flow. Design mimicks animalist characterists that enable guests to fully immerse in the "animal experience"

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Kanga Klimb
Kanga Climb
Adventure Course Cincinnati
Air Park
Sky walk
Air Park
Challenge Course Cincinnati
Cincinnati Aerial Park
Challenge Course Cincinnati Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo Aerial Park
Adventure Course Design
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