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The Beanstalk that never stops. Our name actually stems from our signature climbing tower build. The Beanstalk Climbing Tower featured at Red Mountain Park in Birmingham Alabama. UP is the name of the game. 

We specialize in custom. Taking towers from 24 to 80' or even taller! We've developed systems to allow for eight climbers to ascend simultaneously with auto belays or traditional belays

Fee Fi Fo Fum Tall
Beanstalk Design

We've played and built these towers for a long time. We understand the need for storage, access, and safety. Each of our designs has built in features for storage, easy climb to rescue, and access limitations when you need to keep strangers off the equipment. 

Climbing towers in action
  • Red Mountain Park - Birmingham Alabama

  • Camp Harrison - Boomer, North Carolina

  • Beanstalk Journeys - Morganton, North Carolina

And more in the works !



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