Painted Prairie | Colorado

As visions of Painted Prairie came to be, the focus was creating something that the kids have never seen

before. Giving them creative pause on how best to play, explore, and adventure through. We also

wanted to tap into the natural elements, giving the playground a natural look and feel, with the

treehouses being positioned to capture the mountains and surrounding landscape.

As the idea progressed, we wanted to create accessibility components to enable a diverse age group and

a diversity of abilities to play. As the design came to be, we began to think of ways that provoked

imagination, sparking life, excitement and growth. As we put together different elements, we created a

varying array of difficulty, using each bridge and traverse as a means to build confidence. Including little

touches here and there that added to the authenticity of this build.

The hope with all of this, is that this sense of wonder, imagination, and growth transcend into the

development of the child. Enlivening movement, fitness, mental acuity and the purity of just having fun.

Our hope in the end is that this playground becomes a hub for the community of Painted Prairie, a place

where people laugh, play, and thrive together. In this, we feel like it will be a job well done. This is our

ultimate barometer of impact. Did it create happiness? Did kids grow from it? Was it fun? Did it help

bring a community together?


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