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The Outdoor Classroom Playground

Playgrounds for the most part are really seen as just a vehicle to play, but what if there was a playground that enabled play while integrating  a classroom setting. A place where children could learn amid the trees. In partnership with the Raleigh School, we have created just that ! A super fun playground that also features a large tree top deck that provides the perfect setting for outdoor learning. 

Designed in collaboration with Lift[ED]

Is learning outside beneficial ? Here are 11 proven benefits of Outdoor Learning. 

1. Better Grades (increased cognitive abilities)

2. Better Health

3. Decreased Stress 

4. Increased motivation

5. Better attitudes about the environment

6. Better overall behavior

7. Enhanced communication skills 

8. Increase in outdoor skills

9. Increased self reliance 

10. Community improvement

11. Improved memory 

Source: Wide Open Education 

Outdoor Classroom Playground
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